New plants sprout at Eravikulam National Park
 Stray flowers
MUNNAR, September 14, 2008:

Kurinji plants that sprouted from seeds of the last flowering season (2006) have grown to noticeable sizes in the Eravikulam National Park near Munnar.

They are only a few centimeters in height now. They would show higher rates of growth just before the next flowering season in 2018.

Some kurinji plants with stray flowers have also been noticed at the Park. This may be from an older group and suggests that plants with a different 12-year flowering cycle also exist in the Park.

Stray flowers bloom in some plants a few years ahead of their gregarious flowering. They do not perish after the (stray) flowering.

The plants perish after gregarious flowering at the end of the 12-year cycle.

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