Forum calls for measures to protect biodiversity
BlueMay 21, 2015

The First Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific, held in Bangkok, Thailand, from May 19 and 20, has called for more measures to maintain biodiversity and sustainable provision of ecosystem services and monitoring of illegal wildlife trade.

The recommendation covers proposals for strengthening capacity of countries in the valuation and management of marine and terrestrial ecosystems and ecosystem services.

The recommendations are to be considered by the next session of the UN Environment Assembly, the UN’s highest decision-making body on environmental affairs, and incorporated in the Medium-Term Strategy (2018-2021) of United Nations Environment Programme.

The Forum has also recommended integrated approaches to environment and health, especially to address air quality and support all countries to meet WHO guidelines for indoor and outdoor air and water pollution.

It emphasised need to manage chemicals and wastes, including addressing e-waste and transboundary management approaches.

It urged countries to address climate change and enhance resilience, particularly in cities and for key economic sectors and infrastructure. Economic growth should be decoupled from resource use and pollution, focusing on sustainable consumption and production that enable behavioral change, and through the further development of green and blue economy* pathways.

* Blue Economy” is marine-based economic development that leads to improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities(part of definition given by WWF)

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